Tuesday, March 15, 2011

History Of World War 2 and D Day

At 06: 30 the first landing craft came down to the beach of Omaha & Utah. Omaha Beach was the most fortified of all beaches with high Bluffs containing mortars, machine gun nests and artillery by many. Presumably weakened pre-identified on naval and aerial bombardment, Defense proved ineffective, as many of the dams were hopelessly off target, causing loss of allies.

To support the landing forces should 16 specifically amphibious Sherman DD tanks developed tanks (duplex drive) are called. The 16 due to Omaha land only made it two actually on the beach, with the rest of the strong currents fight coast capsized and sank enemy machine gun troops leave hopelessly, exposed to fire are.

It is said in the first few hours of the start of the Americans had accumulated to 5000 casualties on Omaha Beach on its own. In comparison with the difficulties faced in Omaha, victims of the Utah were significantly smaller with only 197 of the 23000 aterrizadas troops. Lightly defended German Americans faster than expected made light work of the pockets of resistance that they found and in the afternoon they had achieved in linking with some elements of the 101st Airborne Division.

Around the same time fighting the first wave of troops on Omaha Beach, US Army Rangers commanded by James Earl Rudder, were trying to scale the cliffs between Utah Beach and Omaha named Pointe du Hoc. The reason for this operation was to deal guns 155 mm housed there, not the disabled could prevent serious landing on Utah and Omaha Beach. Actual operation was supposed to begin before the landings of the beach, however, due to strong currents and the problems of navigation operation was delayed by at least 40 minutes, thereby losing the element of surprise.

Ultimately Rangers began to scale cliffs backed by two Allied destroyers in preventing weapons of defenders cliff top shooting down ascending climbers. When the Rangers reach the Summit of their mission, they found that guns were nowhere to be found. In fact, they have been moved on June 4, under the orders of field Marshall Erwin Rommel. Poor weather conditions before the invasion had prevented any flights Recon planned, which would have shown clearly that the batteries were not in Pointe du Hoc. Once regrouped Rangers went in search of arms, which have been found nearby and destroyed with thermite grenades.

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